Work-at-home online professionals probably know the value of a good education, whether or not you have an official piece of paper signifying your knowledge. On the other hand, we often like to learn on our own. My own experience is that I learned far more by myself and on the job than I ever learned in school/ college. If that’s you too, you might enjoy OEDb’s Self-Directed Student Toolbox article containing information about 100 web resources for learning at your own pace.

The ten resource categories include:

  1. Adult education guides.
  2. Audio and video.
  3. Blogs.
  4. Career.
  5. Disabilities.
  6. Distance learning.
  7. Finances.
  8. Resources.
  9. School skills.
  10. Travel.

The resources selected are aimed at adult learners, including those who did not complete significant schooling.

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