If you’re looking for a Pownce invitation, read carefully. (If you don’t, no invite.) I have 11 invites and none of my online friends seem to want one. So their loss is your gain. If you want a free invite, drop a comment in this post and put something like “I’m 1st” if you’re the first requestor, “I’m 2nd” if you’re second, etc. So look at the comments above you to see what position you’re in. After you see #11, please don’t drop any more comments.

I will not accept any requests if your email is from “Spambox” or mail.ru, and I reserve the right to refuse other mail hosts. I’ll post in the comments who has received an invite. The good news is that I don’t yet get a lot of traffic consistently because I haven’t posted here a lot to date. I’ll update here in this section of the post how many invites are left.


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