Here are a few articles covering productivity, entrepreneurship and web resources that you might want to check out.

  1. Freelance productivity.
    Freelancers know that their lives tend to have a lot of ebb and flow, both in terms of income and productivity. Freelancer Switch offers 46 productivity tips that might just help you optimize your work time. This is especially true to stave off the cons of being a problogger.

  2. Productivity and research.
    Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or some sort of online professional, you probably do a fair bit of research online. And of course, the information overload sometimes gets overwhelming. Web Worker Daily offers 21 tips for dealing with info overload.

  3. Frugal entrepreneuring.
    Every new entrepreneur, especially bootstrappers, are cash-crunched when it comes to splurging on software and relevant services. Bootstrapper lists 100 freebies in their Poor Entrepreneur’s toolset.

  4. Going mobile.
    One of the big benefits of ditching desktop software for web browser-based software is that you’ll no longer need to carry even a laptop around. If you have access to any computer and the Internet, you can access webware applications and your data files. Tzunami provides a list of 100 web-based applications of use to entrepreneurs, freelancers and loads of others.

  5. Productivity and diet.
    Good health is important to your stamina, which in turn improves productivity. Bootstrapper lists 100 foods that improve productivity.

  6. Effective online promotion.
    Wondering which sites to promote your yourself on? eBizMBA lists the 25 hottest web 2.0 sites for June 2007. Many of these are ideal sites for you to build a profile on, depending on whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business owner. (Remember to respect the culture on each.) A few are networking or resources sites.

  7. Online promotion, part 2.
    eBizMBA also lists the 30 largest social bookmarking sites for July 2007. These are sites that can promote your website articles in one way or another. If you prefer microblogging services, make sure you follow some simple rules.
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