The intent of this site is mostly to share what I’ve learned about having a successful online/Internet career in a variety of roles. The list below expands on what I wrote in the post What Will You See Here?

  1. Blogging and writing.
    This includes suggestions for picking a topic or niche, methods of writing, and productivity tips.

  2. Research and learning.
    How to minimize research time and maximize learning.

  3. Online promotion.
    Building links, building a web presence to get noticed online, and the semi-technical details that go with this. Do you have a small business to promote online? Or just your website/ weblog? Doesn’t matter. My tips will help you in either case.

  4. RSS/atom web feeds.
    Why you need a web feed for building a subscriber base. Also, ways to mashup web feeds to analyze and/or repackage them.

  5. Keyword studies and trending.
    How important are keywords for getting your site to rank in the search engines? Where do you use keywords? Domain name? Post titles? In the posts? Can you overuse keywords?

  6. Website/ weblog statistics.
    How to monitor and analyze your site’s vistor behavior to improve their experience and your bottom line. This includes analyzing visits, pageviews, return visits, geocoding, demographics, as well as the tools you need to do the job.

  7. Online careers, revenue and monetization.
    Blogging is not the only legitimate way to earn online, and I’ll discuss various opportunities including online freelancing (blogging, photography, design), consulting, and ecommerce.

  8. Productivity tools.
    Free and inexpensive web tools and services. Tricks, tips, tools and techniques for producing better content.

  9. Time managment.
    Finding the work overwhelming? Transitioning from a full-time salaried job to working for yourself online? How do you make efficient use of your time?

  10. Brainstorming, problem solving.
    Mindmapping is a powerful way to solve problems, brainstorm new ideas, manage projects, or simply catalog your knowledge of a topic hierarchically. I’ll talk about mindmapping and various other brainstorming, problem solving, and project management techniques.

Read my Chasing Internet Success post to get a bit more depth of what this site is about. Summary: I’ll teach you everything I know and learn about making money online through blogging, publishing, and domaining – and whatever else comes along. No snakeoil stuff. Just what has worked for me or anyone that I profile here, as well as any of the technical stuff you’re afraid of asking someone how to do. What’s more, I’ll make it a lot easier for you by offering as many free screencast tutorial videos with voice narration as I have time for.

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