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If you’re a Mac power user like myself but were let down by lack of more memory options in recent MacBook Pro laptops, or you want a computing solution in an iMac form factor, the good news is that Apple is finally working on a new version that will be available in late 2017.

No touchscreen for the new iMacs, though. Personally, my experience is that a vertical screen is bad for touchscreen experience. Unless Apple comes up with a new form factor (for them) with a large touchscreen that can be adjusted, like the Microsoft Surface Pro, there’s no point in a touchscreen.

As for other hardware in Apple’s lineup, the bad news is that a new Mac Pro and pro-level displays (no touchscreen there, either) are scheduled for next year. Which, of course, is a long time to wait, given how long we’ve already waited. Also, no word on a Mac Mini update.

If you want to see what’s up in Mac news, check out MacRumors (Mac Pro), Daring Fireball (pro displays, Mac Pro), Techcrunch (iMac, pro display), Buzzfeed (iMacs).

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