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If your freelancing is currently limited to one discipline or even one subniche within that discipline (such as only writing about science), then you need to expand. A successful freelancer sows the seeds of future transformation. If business change comes to you, then you’ll be ready to move into new territory.

WikiHow had an excellent, indepth article about how to think like Leonardo da Vinci. The following list is an interpretation of that article, as well as a afterthought to What Leonardo da Vinci Taught Me About Freelancing, with a few more points thrown in.

  1. Consume information. Absorb all forms: print, radio/ audio, images, TV/ movies/ video, verbal.
  2. Listen to different types of music, even those you do not normally enjoy.
  3. Listen to the sound of different languages.
  4. Track your thoughts, whether to write in a journal, draw, or blog.
  5. Assume more than one point of view, for the sake of argument, then determine which one suits you best.
  6. Capture the sensations you experience, including writing about them or illustrating them. Illustration can include drawings/ paintings, diagrams, photographs, screensnaps, screencasts, video.
  7. Ask questions, compare unrelated topics and see if you can’t find parallels or intersections. To accomplish this, record tidbits of information about each topic, either in list or mind map form. (Give preference to the latter, because it more closely resembles human brain thinking patterns, and can help you absorb information far more quickly than a linear list.)
  8. Imagine. Imagine conversations with great minds. Imagine finding the solution to great questions.
  9. Be physically active. This is the counterpoint to thinking, but being physically active is just as important as being mentally active.
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