As part of my initiative to be more productive, I am streamlining my collection of blogs and domains. Many of them lie around dormant, begging me to work on them, nurture them. But alas I’m too busy with client projects, and my web properties are losing juice. So I’ve posted a big list of blogs and domains for sale at Performancing. Most of them are in niches that are or can be highly profitable. But without nurturing and development – which I no longer have time for – most except one have been earning almost nothing. Before they lose too much juice, I thought I’d offer them up to one or more buyers, mostly at a very low cost each. I will even offer a bit of free content advice if each buyer likes.

Given the amount of work I put into each, the starting bid prices are pretty cheap. Throw in my free advice and I’ll be bold enough to say you’ll get a bargain. Even though a couple dropped in the last Google PR rollout, a minimal of effort will raise the PR back up, and more effort could produce a nice blog income. One domain in particular has incredible potential for an affiliate product site. So go have a look. You might be surprised at what you find. And feel free to drop any questions on this post’s comments section, or over at the Performancing listing.

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