Before going any further, I should point out that I do write for the person that this post is about. Nevertheless, Andy Hagans has written one of the best articles I’ve read all year. Okay, it’s about how to build and sell an affiliate site for a $1,000,000. Some of you think you cannot do affiliate marketing. I’ve felt that way, and it’s taken me two years to learn anything. That’s because I went out and tried to research on my own.

Andy, on the other hand, has taken every thing he’s learned and poured it into this very large, very detailed article. He explains:

  • Why some sites sell for low multiples, some for high.
  • How to build a high multiple site.
  • Getting up to $12,000/m in profit, not revenue.
  • The irony: a site that can be sold for a million might be worth keeping. Why? Because of tax reasons, site income can be more valuable than putting your money into real estate or stocks.
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