Facebook, one of the world’s most popular online social networks, is openly advertising new vanity URLs for users, come Fri Jun 12th. If you’ve ever tried to post your existing Facebook URL to a business card or exchange it verbally with someone, you know what a pain it is to do so. Vanity URLs will make passing on your Facebook link simpler.

However, if you’re a business, things may not be so simple. Facebook has been promoting Pages instead of account profiles for businesses. But it seems that to prevent squatting of usernames once vanity URLs are available, Facebook has put a few limitations on qualify. Mashable discusses it more in detail, but the gist is that if you have only a Facebook Page (which many but not all businesses do), you can only have a new username/ vanity URL if the Page was created by May 31/ 2009 AND has at least 1,000 fans as of that date as well. As the Mashable article says, that’s not an easy task for many small businesses.

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