Codswallop has a list of 101 tools to convert rich media files and measurments. This includes video, music, images, documents and more. Categories include:

  1. Mega tools.
  2. Media/ Audio.
  3. Media/ Video.
  4. Images.
  5. Documents/ PDF.
  6. Documents/ Word Processing.
  7. Documents/ Excel.
  8. Documents/ Powerpoint.
  9. Documents/ Drafting.
  10. Documents/ Miscellaneous.
  11. International Standards/ Measurements.
  12. International Standards/ Currency.
  13. International Standards/ Clothing sizes.
  14. Web Development.
  15. Mobile Tools.

I can’t claim to have used a lot of these, but I’d say I’ve heard of a sizable portion of them and used some. I’m not sure if they are all free, but I do know that several are, or have free trials.

So if you’re looking for a tool for converting files or measurements, you’re likely to find something in the Codswallop list.

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