Scooped!! (what a great domain name – probably worth millions some day) has a very big list of resources for mindmapping. I’ve been working on a big mindmap review myself but its scope keeps growing out of control. So much for my approach to GTD (Get Things Done). Mine will be an indepth review of several mindmapping tools, used daily over 6-8 months. Once it’s done and posted (elsewhere), I’ll announce it here.

Graph Gears graph visualization platform

This College Degree list is really valuable, though, if you’ve been intending on getting into mindmapping. But if you’d rather have some programmatic way to display something resembling a mindmap, try out Creative SynthesisGraph Gears open source graph visualization platform. You can use a simple XML file to describe the relationships between graph/ mindmap nodes. The map is then displayed using Flash.

So while it’s not true mindmapping software, if you need to create mindmap-like graphs for your website on the fly, this appears to be one of the easiest ways to do so. You can create the XML data file manually in an editor, or generate it with code.

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