Just had a look at Google Trends this morning and for the first time, it seems all of the search trends are of purely local interest: school closures.

Of the top 100 search trends this morning, it seems like 90+% specifies either a school name or a local TV station’s call letters. Isn’t anyone looking for Britney Spears this morning? Or which bikini-wearing American idol contestants? Or silly college girls selling their virginity to the highest bidder?

Except that parents are not looking for “school closures,” the search term. That wouldn’t give them local results, right? The simplest way is to specify one of the following search options:

  1. [radio/TV station call letters] school closings
  2. [school name]
  3. [city name] public schools
  4. school closings [state | county | city]

Replace the square brackets with appropriate text. The vertical bars mean “OR”. So for #4, you might search for “school closings Illinois”.

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