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Facebook, that most ultra-popular of social networking sites, seems to cause a love-hate relationship amongst some people. Some people swear by it (they usually have huge networks), and others’ lives are ruined by it.

I suppose it depends on how you use it, how you set your security settings. My own use has been growing slowly. The vast majority of my friends on Facebook fall into 5 categories:

  1. Blogging colleagues.
  2. Real-life community friends I’ve known for many years – or other community members recommended to me.
  3. People recommended to me by other FB friends.
  4. People who added me because they know me on other social media/ networking sites.
  5. People who have added me and whom I’ve added back.

As to how I use FB, well that is a strategy that’s still developing. For the most part, I communicate with my real-life community friends, participate in groups we’re all part of, check out their wedding pictures, and so on. I also use my status message to post URLs of interesting articles and videos, as well as to promote a selection of my new articles from various sites.

The flaw of FB – in my eyes – is that there’s a sore lack of privacy “out of the box”. If I add someone or comment on their pic, every single one of my FB friends knows it. So if I were to be as active on FB as I used to be on Twitter or especially Plurk, then it might annoy FB friends. Thus sof far, I haven’t grown my FB network as much as I have with Twitter.

How do you use Facebook in your daily web work?

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