Over at Performancing, I talk about the blogger’s dilemma of too many sites. The post superficially outlines your options for blogs if you start too many and cannot manage them all.

One of the options I mentioned suggested focusing on 2-3 blogs, 3-5 posts per day per blog. Someone pointed out over at Problogger, in the comments, that it seems a bit excessive. Let me clarify. If you are blogging professionally, that’s not a lot of posts. I know people who are blogging 25-50 on some days. I usually do 10-16 per day, M-F, for clients alone. Then there’s the several larger articles I ghost write every week, plus posts for my own blogs, when I’m able to. Early last year, before my contract writing started building up, I was writing up to 25 posts per day, mostly on my own blogs.

Though quantity alone isn’t enough. Bloggers like Steve Pavlina and Brian Clark (Copyblogger) usually post 3-5 articles per week, sometimes more. Not everyone can write like them, though. And if you are in a competitive niche such as automotive, tech or politics, 3-5 posts per day isn’t usually enough. That said, I’d rather put some thought into doing 3 good posts than slapping out 5 crappy posts.

The option isn’t always available to me. What’s more, not a lot of bloggers mention it, but we do go through creative cycles that affect our ability to write creative content some days. If that happens, I try not to force the situation, catching up later in the week.

So quality is still more important than quantity, but quantity is sometimes necessary to succeed in a competitive niche.

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