Earlier this year, you might have seen a post here about what’s it worth to a freelancer to take a full-time job. I’ve said before that money is not the overwhelming factor for me when deciding on a job, that resulting opportunities are far more important.

Having not to long ago remembered one of my original career goals – that of becoming a filmmaker – I decided to apply Goethe‘s premise of how the “barriers come down” when you really decide you’re going to do something in particular. (He also said: whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve, which was echoed by other writers in later years.) I started writing about this personal dream, had my phone interview with a film school in Toronto, got a tentative offer to get involved behind the scenes on a few entertainment sites (including film blogging), and launched a few small partnerships involving entertainment sites.

As part of the transition of career, I’m taking a full-time online job. It’s tentative as of this moment but likely starting Dec 15th. As such, I’m focusing my online efforts like a laser. I’m dropping about 80+ domains and websites, focusing only a few niches, and closing off all my remaining contracts. [I’ll list a bunch of free domains on this site in a separate post soon.]

That means that while I’m no longer officially accepting contracts, I can accept work on a partnership basis with my new employer. However, we’ll be very selective, as I need to minimize niches. Freelance blogging in more than 3-4 niches isn’t impossible, but requires an enormous time commitment weekly, for research.

This really is a necessity for me, if I’m to focus towards entering film school, and doing all the preparations necessary. I will be blogging, but in a reduced capacity while I do other online work behind the scenes. In fact, watch for an announcement of a couple of currently secret projects.

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