In the greater scheme of web tools, something is only a waste of time if you are not getting any closer to achieving what you want. The fact is, that’s probably true for “most” users of Twitter. But like any tool, having a stuiable plan and using it consistently really does make the difference between wasting your time or getting a return on your efforts.

So you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Why I do want to microblog? What are my expectations, in terms of a return on investment?
  2. Do I have plan for using Twitter?
  3. Is my plan feasible, or am I trying to accomplish too much too soon?
  4. Do I really believe Twitter will help me/ my business/ organization?
  5. Do I have the discipline to persist, even when the ROI (Return on Investment) appears miniscule?
  6. Am I sharing information that anyone actually wants?
  7. Am I building my network?
  8. Do I have the support of workmates, bosses and/or colleagues?

Most of the above questions actually apply to any type of social media and their use in online marketing. All of them are important to consider not only before you start Twittering but also every so often (weeky, monthly, quarterly) to see how your plan is being fulfilled – or not.

The problem with Twitter is that it looks so darn easy to use, but it takes a lot more persistent, consistent effort to use effectively.

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