I love Apple – sort of

Let me make one thing clear: I’m an Apple fan, not a “fan boy.”

I don’t blindly accept the company’s spin-doctoring like some social media users crying, “why do you even need more than 16GB of RAM?” If you don’t have enough imagination to answer that, you probably don’t need more memory, and also probably shouldn’t be going around criticizing people who do need more computing power in a laptop form factor.

I hate Apple – sort of

So when Apple announced their latest MacBook “Pro” with the gimmicky-seeming Touch Bar a couple of months ago and still only offered 16GB of RAM memory, I felt completely let down regarding my professional computing needs.

I’m no longer a fan of the direction they’ve gone with hardware, though I still love my older Macs and phones – much of which don’t work anymore, including an iPhone 6 Plus whose screen is curved outwards on the left side despite very little actual use besides testing iOS mobile apps. (A $600 phone shouldn’t do that, especially given Apple’s history of high quality hardware.)

Now you know why I’m a fan — albeit an unhappy one of late — and not a fanboy. I don’t have a problem questioning Apple’s actions. But ultimately, it is their bad decision to make to not cater to actual professionals anymore — even if they are a publicly-traded company.

I still need you, Apple

I, like many other professionals, have work to complete – client or otherwise. In my case, I’ve developed a process over three years, and it requires the Mac OS X operating system and a selection of software for the Mac.

It’s not easy to replace three years of workflow. I’ve tried Linux and Windows equivalents, but neither quite meets my workflow needs. Linux — an OS that I love and which has a lot in common with OS X — came close, but not close enough.

Not using OS X and not having the RAM level I need in a laptop means spending days on work that could take just a few minutes with the right computing power. Unfortunately, Apple’s “Pro” offering for laptops, at a maximum of 16GB of RAM memory just doesn’t cut it for what I need.

A partial solution to the RAM problem

So what’s a professional to do? Well, a YouTuber known as Get-to-the-Point Blake (channel: GTPBlake), amongst others, offered a solution that may work for you, in the embedded video at the top of this page.

I listened a few times to the video tutorial before attempting, but initial results are incredible — provided you have at least 32GB of RAM. There are some downsides, compared to a “Hackintosh.” But I now have two virtual Macs (4GB and 24GB RAM) running on Windows 10 and PC hardware to supplement my lesser powered Macs that are maxed out in RAM and still choking.

This setup will tide me over until Apple remembers us actual professional users and builds a laptop we can rely on, with the computing power we need, instead of gimmicky touch bars and removing ports. And a couple of quick tests proved that I really could reduce some of my client work from up to three days to just 15 minutes or less.

If you’re interested in knowing more about some of the characteristics and limitations of the virtual Macs, or why I chose a “virtual machine” instead of setting up a “Hackintosh,” leave a comment and I might follow up with a supplemental post.

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