Some interesting tidbits about blogging, writing, content and social networks.

  1. Handling blog comments.
    Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Work Week, offers 7 commandments of blogosphere self-defense. I.e., very practical advice for how to handle negative comments.

  2. Copyriting tips: be odd.
    Here’s a quick tip: odd numbers seem to be more effective in marketing. My own experience with linkbaiting for hire shows that odd numbers in titles definitely seem to grab greater attention.

  3. Google personalized maps.
    Using Google Maps on your website is becoming easier, and you can embed rich media into each point of interest. Check out this brief maps video tutorial, as well as some sample customized maps.

  4. Hot or not: Playboy’s social network.
    Everyone seems to be creating their own social network these days, and even Mr. Suave, Hugh Hefner wants in. Hence, the new Playboy U, a new social network from  the bunny factory. But only students with an email address that ends in .edu can get in. Yo Hef. Add me? I’d only want to join for the… uh… articles.

  5. Smoochr – social media voting.
    Speaking of social media, Smoochr started off as a sort of Digg for entertainment niche blogs, then expanded from there. Ryan Caldwell – editor of Performancing and owner of College Startup and many other blogs – picked it up, and I’m now also a partner. Ryan has expanded the categories, so do check it out and build up your social media profile there now. It’s easier now. But keep in mind that it’s somewhere between alpha and beta, so he’s still working out the kinks.
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