MindManager mind mapping software lovers, take note. Mindjet has just announced an Image Library add-in for versions 7 and 8 of MindManager.

The library will have over 300 images in five main categories: Buttons, Electronics, Objects, People and Symbols:

Mindjet MindManager 7/8 image library add-in

As a hardcore user of mind mapping software to plan and manage all of my work and personal tasks, as well as to solve problems, I’m happy to hear about this. Images add a richness and visual cues to mind maps, making them easier to absorb, understand and remember.

The image library add-in for MindManager sells for US$29 and is currently available (from the Mindjet online store) for the English, German, and French MS-Windows desktop versions. A Japanese will be available later, though no mention is made of the Mac version of MindManager.

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