A quick glance at the “Tools” section in the far right nav column will suggest that I really like mindmapping. I’ve been going on about how I’d have articles on this site or that site about mindmapping, and yet I haven’t done many. Well, I recently put up the first two in a series on mindmapping over at Tubetorial: Brainstorming ideas with mindmaps and Advanced mindmaps: processing keyword lists.

There will be several more tubetorials, some of them showing advanced uses of mindmaps. I’ve also got a big, giant, humungous comparative review of web-based and standalone mindmapping applications at a very high-profile “productivity” site. I’m not naming it yet because I tend to jinx myself. Suffice it to say that I’ll announce it here when the review is ready. There’ll also be a contest over there.

If you don’t pick up the tone from my mindmapping articles elsewhere, then let me just say that I think mindmaps can be one of the most productive ways to plan a project, manage it, or simply brainstorm for ideas or organize your existing knowledge. So you’ll be hearing more about them from me. If not here, then elsewhere, along with a pointer to “there”.

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