If you have a new blog and you want a friendly way to have other bloggers learn about you, you should try entering a few blog carnivals. I’m currently managing four new carnivals covering entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, small business, startup business, productivity, freelancing, Internet professions, and related topics. Please check out my list of new blog carnivals.

Read the descriptions and feel free to enter your best article. While you can enter the same article to different carnivals, if it’s relevant, please do not enter more than one article in a given week to the same carnival. It’s a simple rule but so many bloggers keep violating this every single week, over and over – along with entering completely irrelevant articles.

Also, please don’t resubmit the same article to the same carnival. (I’m more picky for some carnivals than others, but all hosts reserve the right to refuse an article.) And remember carnival etiquette: if you get accepted in an edition, please link back to it. It’s a thank you to your host, and it lets your own readers know about blogs similar to yours. Failing to do this means you get bumped in the priority list if you re-enter for later editions. (I mix each edition to have new bloggers and repeat bloggers.)

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