As I’ve mentioned in a few places, I’m heading down a new path which is really part of an old path I once followed. I’m planning to move to Toronto by May or June 2008 so that I can cover the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and other festivals – as soon as I can find an apartment (anyone have one they want to rent to me, preferably a work/live studio?). I’m also hopefully entering film school in Jan 2009 or thereabouts, once I can come up with the life-affecting sum of $30,000 over six semesters. But going to film school will take me down the path I’ve long wanted: filmmaking.

After thinking long and hard for the past few weeks, I’ve found the urge to write about visual media as much as possible, and decided that that’s what I’ll do right here on this blog. That said, I’m planning to cover all sorts of visual media: photography, film, video, Internet video, IPTV, and peripherally-related subjects including the tools of the trade. I’ll be adding a gallery of 3D animations over time and so on.

There will also be movie reviews, though the biggest problem for me right now is that there’s no theater nearby any longer, and not yet having a car means I’m pretty much out of luck for another month or two. So for the present time, I’m going to be writing about a variety of topics related to visual media, and maybe even run a few screencasts showing bloggers how to add visual media to their blogs. So I’m not giving up “how to blog” types of posts just yet.

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