Ok, yesterday I conceded that with the technical specs of Apple’s new iPhone 4 that video editing on a cellphone was a much more plausibleĀ  task. But video editing in a web browser? YouTube is offering this feature, named TestTube, now but it appears there’s a serious lag time on the server end. Google might say they’re working on the problem, but Beet.TV is having problems with a 50 mps Internet connection. (I assume they mean mbps — megabits per second.)

Even if Google does some magic, all the but the fastest of Internet connections will give anything close to the same user experience as editing straight on your desktop. I can’t even imagine wanting to try. Editing images online isn’t even much fun; video couldn’t possibly be a better experience. Unfortunately for me, I moved about a month and a half ago and had to switch services. In the past two weeks, I’ve had regular problems with my AT&T U-Verse Internet service. In the past two days, it has been up and down every few minutes. While the tech CSRs have been really nice over the phone, the problem still persists, and I have to keep wasting time getting it fixed.

Even when my Internet service is working at its top rate of 12 mbps (I think), YouTube’s TestTube browser-based video editing web service is one that I just will not be trying. At least not until I have roughly 4 to 5 times the Internet connection speed I currently have. Desktop video editing serves me just fine. The same goes for trying to save a 500MB-2GB video file with a cloud data service: it ain’t happening. I’m happy to store some pics and pass around files using cloud storage, but humungous video files? If you’ve ever uploaded a video to YouTube, you know how long that can take for a video under 10 min. Imagine longer works or even full-length films. If your connection blipped during an upload, you’d have start again. A few regular blips would probably have you pulling out your hair. Now just imagine trying to edit video under the same conditions.

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