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Chris Garret of set up a site called AuthorityBlogger last year. Now he’s launching his Authority Blogger strategy program [aff. link] for businesses and professionals, in pre-order mode. The prices will increase when the doors open, so if you’re serious about establishing yourself online, check it out. Chris is an Authority (with a capital ‘A’) on blogging and building an online presence.

By the way, he has yet another free ebook, this one about “authority alliances” and how it’s beneficial to work with others online. It’s only available to the end of Sep 2008, so get it fast. I just read it this morning, and it’s 14 pages packed with some very useful information about partnerships.

Addendum 1: Chris has just announced the pre-launch of the Authority Blogger course.

Addendum 2: What do you get in the Authority Blogger program? Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Building your feed subscriber base.
  2. A dozen Authority Modules in the form of ebooks, audio and video.
  3. Subscription to a members-only club where you can discuss and share.
  4. Expertise from specialists and guest authorities.
  5. Three 30-minute one-on-one calls [Accelerator customers only!!]

There’s more than that of course; that’s just a sample of what Chris is offering.

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