This has absolutely nothing to do with working online, except maybe if you count the fact that I sometimes listen to Opera while I work. Luciano Pavarotti, an Opera Tenor and quite possibly one of the greatest voices of the past century, passed away this morning after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Pavarotti is one more legend, like James Brown, whom I’ll never get to see perform live. And for me, even growing up liking punk and other “heavy” rock forms, I couldn’t resist the golden voice of Pavarotti (or the 3 Tenors), which always brings chills to me.

If you love music and have never heard Pavarotti perform, at least start with some of his must-see, must-hear collaborations with popular artists such as James Brown (A Man’s World) and Barry White (My First, My Last, My Everything) – both of which are too mercilessly short. [I don’t know if thousands of children were conceived to Pavarotti’s voice like is said to be the case for Barry White’s deep, sexy rumblings, but I wouldn’t be surprised.]

Godspeed you, Maestro, to the Gates, where you’ll fill the silences of Heaven.

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