As might become apparent to those of you that use Google Trends regularly, I check it every day. You find out the Google Search zeitgest for the time slot when you check. Some of the strangest searches come up amidst the more mundane stuff, and of course what’s popular (search-wise) changes through out the day. (Google never gives any indication of how many people have to search for something for that term to get on Google Trends. So it’s all relative.)

Some of the search terms that were popular when I wrote this include “real women have curves” (about the play), “deathbed the bed that eats people” (about the film), “fleet foxes” (the Seattle band) and “rosario dawson“, both of whom appeared on Saturday Night Live last night.

But none of that is all that weird. I don’t even want to get into some of the stuff I’ve seen on Google Trends. You’ll just have to “watch” for yourself. What is interesting, at least to me, is that people are searching for Dick Cavett and other weekend entertainment. How many of you remember this talk show host let alone watched him? And how many of you were searching for him this morning? What about “seven brides for seven brothers” (classic movie), “twisting the hellmouth” (vampire fan fiction) or “forbidden science” (new HBO series)?

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