Yeah, you heard me. How many times have you worked on a project, found you were “spinning” and yet kept working? How many more hours of work did you put in that day, only to find that you were no closer to a solution? Then you get into a mindset where the problem dogs you the next day as well, yet you continue to pour hours into it while neglecting other work.

The truth is, your mind needs to rest. Reflect for a moment and you’ll probably find that most of your breakthrough ideas for solving a problem came NOT when you were actively working on the problem but when you were relaxed and doing something else unrelated to the effort.

Inspiration often comes during one of the following activities:

  1. Walking.
  2. Taking a shower.
  3. Meditating.
  4. Listening to music.
  5. Exercising.
  6. Watching TV.
  7. Reading a book.
  8. Simply relaxing.
  9. Upon awakening after sleep or a nap.

It’s hard to fathom and trust this phenomenon if you have not consciously experienced it. The mind IS capable of doing “background” tasks, solving problems while you are doing something physical. It’s a matter of trusting this, experiencing it just one time, then making sure you remember after that. So remember, when you’re working on something and stumbling over it, stop working.

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