screensnap: mind mapping best principles

Regardless of the productivity principles you use, be it GTD (Getting Things Done) or GTS (Get Things Started), one way to manage your tasks is using mind mapping. As a mind mapping evangelist, I’m probably biased. However, one of the key benefits of using mind maps and mind mapping is that it can simultaneously stimulate both logical and creative thinking, which helps with brainstorming and problem-solving. Mind mapping (specifically digital, via software) is also very valuable for all types of planning, as its ability to show either detailed or general views of a plan make it easy to change perspective when necessary.

If you are interested in giving mind mapping a try for yourself, I suggest that you either download a  copy of Freemind (free; multi-platform), or a 21/30-day trial of my favorite, MindJet’s MindManager Pro (Windows, Mac). (Note: at publication time, Freemind’s website was displaying errors. If you saw that, please keep trying.) Watch this site long-term for more about mind mapping tools and techniques. Better yet, subscribe to the feed.

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