snap - MindJet MindManager timer feature

Web workers – whether freelancer, contractor or salaried – often have to juggle several projects at once. But when you work at home, time sometimes flows differently than if you’re in an office atmosphere. It is possible to intend to spend X minutes on a project and end up finding twiddling your thumbs after several hours. That’s not a great way to be productive, and if you’re paid hourly or by the project.

So what can you do about it? Well, if you’re like me and have integrated MindJet MindManager mind mapping software into your daily workflow, you can use their Timer feature (5-60 min) to limit yourself on a per project basis. Initiate the timer to the duration you want, press play (don’t forget that part), then start working. A popup will tell you when time is up. You can restart if you need to.

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