Since you’ve looked here, it’s possible that you’ve considered me for some Internet-related work that you need done. What can I help you with? If you’ll allow me to give you a quick run down of my relevant experience. (Here is my current resume in a very brief PDF format. Please note that it is subject to change at any time.)

My Internet experience dates back to 1991, when I had access to newsgroups and email at university, while working on graduate computer science and mathematics research. Later, in 1994, I worked for one of the first search engine companies in the world, writing three levels of end-user documentation for their search module code. That was followed by a brief stint as their search engine’s webmaster, and webmastering and web programming activities, salaried and contract, for companies large and small.

New Media Consulting

What can new media do for your company, your website? New media includes a variety of “content”, including podcasts, video, screencasts and more. Let an expert at this type of media show you how to it can benefit your online profile, bring more web traffic, and act as a lead generator for your own products and services. Rates start at US$150/hour, or we can work out either a project rate or monthly retainer. Contact me for your first two-hour phone/ IM chat consultation, which will be discounted to US$200 total.

WordPress Setup and Consulting

Want to set up a WordPress-based weblog? Talk to me. I charge $150 for a setting you up with a WP-based on blog on a domain you own. If you need hosting, I can provide it for an extra fee. Need a custom theme design? I can source that for you from colleagues who are WP theme designers. Extra WP-based consulting is billed at US$150/hour.

WordPress as a Web Content Management System

Like WordPress’ Open Source nature but do not want a blog? Well WP can function as a regular website CMS (Content Management System). Just check out my article, 48 Unique Ways to Use WordPress over at Performancing. “WP as CMS” consulting rate is US$150/hour, or we can work out a project-based rate. Some parts of the work might be sourced out to designers or developers, but that cost will be included in the quote.

Freelance blogging, mini-sites and blog management

My freelance writing work can be ghosted or otherwise, and is for blog posts or linkbait (aka flagship content) in a number of areas. Need content? My articles for various clients are some of the most highly read in their niches. Some of my larger articles have generated as much as 80,000 pageviews within two or three days of promotion. My writing experience includes technical writing, training guides, magazine articles, one web programming book, and literally thousands of online articles, big and small. Talk to me about the content you need. If I am unable to write it, one of the freelancers I subcontract to may be able to.

I have two packages at present, and both offer a mix of daily posts and weekly “mini” linkbait articles, link building on other content sites, submission to blog carnivals, hosting of a carnival if appropriate. A more advance package includes project management of 1-3 bloggers as well as analysis and reportage via your Google Analytics account. One-off articles of 500-600 words are $100, but a repeat gig reduces the rate.

Link building and site promotion

Link building for a website is as important as having good content. I don’t claim to be an SEO and I don’t play one on TV. I do have a healthy understanding of the basics of SEO and I work for some of the best SEOs in the industry. I have agreements to collaborate with a few of them. That is, they would be involve in some of the promotional end of my unique, organic link building packages – though their involvement costs extra, and is based on their availability. My involvement in your project is stretched out over 2-6 months, depending on your preference, to allow me to follow up with your site’s progress. No “wham bam, see you later” linkbuilding.


Don’t understand your web visitor behaviour? Need someone to interpret for you and do some data mining? Don’t trust all the numbers you’re collecting out of context? Talk to me. I’ve been involved in web analytics since 1996, as a search engine webmaster, and can give you any level of reportage. I also have trained others to understand how to interpret and use web metrics. My occasional discussion of RSS (web feed) metrics can be found at RSS Cases.


Need landing pages, sales pages, or other copywritten content such as ebooks for your products or services? While my focus is mostly on the online arena, I do accept some offline-based projects as well. Let’s discuss. Rates per project start at US$300, depend on the nature of the content and word count.


Minimum combined project accepted is US$1200, but this might be waived in certain situations. All projects and queries will be kept confidential. Please use the contact form below if you would like a project quote or possibly a referral if I’m unavailable. Serious inquiries only, please. Include all necessary contact information and brief project details.

NOTE: My Contact form is currently offline. Please email me at rdash001 at yahoo dot ca, or drop a comment in one of my blog posts.

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