As my career shifts, this site has shifted in focus in the past. I’m now going more broadly into online brand building, as preparation for a number of tech startups I am co-founding or consulting on. While I am still doing software development, for now it’s entirely for my own projects. I am still available for freelancing/ contracting for projects in the capacity of software/ database architecting, writing/ copywriting, data analysis/ data visualization/ infographics, online course development and general Internet consulting — an probably a few other capacities I have not mentioned here. For writing, I’m currently available for a select few topics, particularly college-level education and online learning.

All that said, you’ll see the same types of posts here as before (productivity, thinking, social media, online marketing, tools, etc.), as well as news about niches related to my data analysis ventures: careers/ jobs futurism, education, transportation and freight, entertainment tech, etc.

It’s unlikely that I will go deep into any of these niches/ sub-niches because that will be the domain, so to speak, of some of my other sites that are being built for these niches. This site will serve more as an overview of my efforts, linking to either more indepth articles on niche-focused sites, or to my pop culture marketing vehicle (TBA).

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