twitter-logo-100x100People have said a lot of dumb or offensive things on Twitter, and some things just should not be tweeted — but where do you draw the line and who should decide? Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff tweeted earlier that he’d given the go ahead to execute a convicted killer by firing squad. Then just prior to the execution, he added another tweet about justice and mourning the victims.

Yes, we should mourn the victims, though is Twitter or social media in general the place to announce the first execution of its kind in the U.S. in nearly a decade and a half? A lot of Twitter users thought it was disgusting. What do you think? Isn’t “socializing” about sharing news? Did Shurtleff step over a line? Twitter might be an opt-in service, but there are public timelines, trending topic lists, etc., and children can see such tweets. Did he let his obvious passion for justice go to far, commit an act of TMI (Too Much Info) in the wrong channel, or was he justified, as some commenters at Mashable have said, given that Twitter has become a news source?

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