This page will note recent projects of mine and that of clients, in reverse chronological order. This list will be updated as new web projects get launched. Note that some of these sites are part of my limited edition content sites, built purely for selling later. If you’re interested in a site, check with me after July 31st, by which time I’m hoping that all of these will have a Google PageRank, and I will have had time to add some great content.

  • – Most of my sites have been very serious. This site changes that. It’s pure fun, pure extreme sports video in both post form and as a SplashCast player. Despite my damaged knee, I’m a huge fan of extreme sports, and even used to be a bit of a daredevil in my youth. (Lots of scars to prove it, thanks to lots of spills, including 15 foot falls from rooftops and 45 faceplants down a steep road, from a crap skateboard.)
  • – I’m looking to build a small network of online marketing-related sites, with overlap on SEO, analytics, business, branding, etc., and this is the second in my mini-net. I bought this from David Geere.
  • – Another David Geere project, and I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but it “spoke” to me.
  • – After selling RideLust to a friend, I realized I’d miss it and started a new auto blog. I’ve add a SplashCast media player to show YouTube videos tagged “car”, with more visual content to come. The site is written by David Allen, who also writes at RideLust.

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