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If you’re someone who understands the value of social media websites and applications, you might find some value in Plurk, a Twitter-like site in concept, but which has a more interactive feel to it and a different interface. (Plurk uses a timeline whereas Twitter has a running stream/ river of items.)

If you want to learn more about Plurk, please check out my indepth review of the Plurk micro-blogging application and the environment, over at FreelanceSwitch. However, there wasn’t room in that article to talk about some of the brilliant features of Plurk, as far as social media interaction go. So here are a few things to consider:

  1. Six degrees of separation.
  2. Widening your circles of interaction.

One of the fascinating social media features of Plurk is that it becomes very easy to get to know other members. This is because person B and C can both respond and interact in their mutual friend, A’s, messages. So if you and I do not know each other but have both “friended” person A and tend to write regular responses in person A’s message threads, we might get to know each other and become “friends.” That in turn means that we might introduce each other to our other Plurk friends, thus in turn expanding our circles of interaction. As a person who long ago set a goal of either meeting or interacting with over two million people in my lifetime, that’s an important feature – ideal for anyone who uses social media to promote themselves and their work.

Now that’s not so different from the interactions that go on in a Facebook member’s “Wall”. However, that isn’t quite as interactive as the conversations on Plurk. The Plurk environment is more like a limitless collection of conversations that you can tap into via multiple IM chat-like windows. It’s also easier to first “fan” and then later “friend” Plurk members, if you enjoy what they write. On Facebook, some people have a rule of not friending people if they don’t know them in real life.

Overall, Plurk has a lot of potential to be a big player in the online social media sphere, even if the atmosphere is more decidely friendly rather than the more professional environment of Twitter.

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