RIM BlackBerry StormThe NY Times recently ran a review of the new RIM BlackBerry Storm phone, which is touch-screen competitor to the iPhone. The writer’s big beef is the lack of a keyboard, since BlackBerries are known for their characteristic thumb keyboards and thumbwheels. His conclusion was BlackBerry Dud.

Personally, while I have spent a great deal of money on my last two Palm devices (1st wasn’t even a phone and cost Cdn$750+), I’m not big on touchscreen devices with tiny screens. I still don’t get how people can be excited with the prospect of straining their eyes. Nevertheless, there’s something sexy about ads for both the Storm and the iPhone, and I always feel myself wanting to run out and blow my budget. Thank goodness I’ve learned some discipline. Call me old-school, but I like my Palm Treo with its stylus and touchscreen. No greasy fingerprints to wipe up.

At US$200 (after rebate and 2 yr Verizon contract), the BlackBerry storm is at least competitive with the iPhone. If you can get around what David Pogue says is an “inconsistent and confusing” implementation of the touchscreen.

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