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  1. Giant portable hard drives.
    One of the problems of being mobile is that if you take a laptop, you’re very limited in disk storage. Maybe you’re using lots of online applications, but sometimes you want to store content on your computer. Well Toshiba just came out with a 320 Gb laptop drive. Enough for lots of movies or music. Oh yeah, or data.

  2. LG’s iPhone competitor.
    A limited number of refurbished iPhones are now available at the Apple Store for about $100 less than sticker. But if you don’t buy into the Cult of Steve, LG’s non-button U990 phone might be a nice alternative. As you’ll see from the Gizmodo pics, it has a large-lens camera on the back.

    But if you can’t stand anything but Apple products, there’s buzz about a possible iPhone Nano. That’s iPhone, not iPod. So an iPhone-like device without the phone. Whether it’s a prototype or a reality isn’t clear, but Apple did not want pics of it up.

  3. Voice recognition for your cell phone.
    The iPhone and the LG U990 might be boasting button-free phone interfaces, but there are times that might be unacceptable or even dangerous (e.g., while driving). Enter Vlingo and their voice recognition system, which supposedly understands the context of what you’re saying and your accent. That means you can even perform searches for restaurants, etc. There’s a currently limited number of compatible phones and service providers.

  4. Forget Internet DJing.
    Anyone who dreamed of being a DJ/ webcaster on the Internet, running a Net radio station is probably going to be out of luck, given the new royalty fee structure. Could these new fees have been instituted by big record labels, afraid to be up against a sea of small competitors?

  5. That’s so sweet.
    Sugar batteries? Tokyo Mango points to a Japanese language press release from Sony about a new glucose-operated battery, good for powering small consumer electronics devices. Are those sugar cubes in your pocket or are you just…
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