Over at 901am, I put together a venn diagram for fun, to show the areas of blog revenue for some top bloggers and how they’re branding themselves online – based on a piece about blog brand arrogance by Valleywag. One of the bloggers I mentioned is Darren Rowse, who then offered a bit more detail about his revenue activities. It seems I’d missed a few areas of revenue that Darren has recently been delving into, and suggested that I add a few more circles. So I did.

I’ve added 3 more circles, for a total of 8. The diagram is below, and shows the wide array of revenue combinations available for bloggers. No one person is likely utilizing all of the options, at least not on a single blog – that I’m aware of, anyway. The diagram is pretty simple, but you are welcome to reuse it if you like (please copy instead of hotlinking). Click on the first to enlarge. The original diagram from 901am is after the new version – which you can republish as well.

8 circles of blog revenue
a-lis blog revenue
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