Yahoo! Pipes, which is a powerful data analysis and RSS feed mashup tool, just got more powerful with the addition of eight new Pipes modules:

  1. Feed Auto-Discovery.
  2. Item Builder.
  3. Loop.
  4. Reverse.
  5. Sub-element.
  6. Tail.
  7. Translate.
  8. String Regex.

In addition, they’ve renamed a few modules and deprecated a couple of others.

To date, I’ve built over 140 Pipes, many of which are covered in tutorials at a number of high-profile sites. My latest Pipe is at Bootstrapper, which takes Zen HabitsTop 50 productivity blogs list and mashes together all their RSS feeds, sorts and filters, and even allows for searching on a term. You can see the video screencast tutorial (on how to build the Pipes) over there in the article Entrepreneurial research tools.

While Yahoo! Pipes is still in beta, has overloaded servers at times, and quirky module behavior, it’s an incredibly powerful mashup tool. It facilitates the “plug and play” web. Keep an eye out here for many more tutorials as well as video screencasts on how to use the above modules and Pipes in general as a building block for Web 2.0, and possibly even for Web 3.0.

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