This site really needed a new theme – something a bit more “airy”. While I do have a custom design in progress, it’s taking a long time to finish, mainly because I’m documenting each step for future articles on customizing WordPress. So, for the time being, I’m using this theme, which should serve me for awhile.

You’ll notice this theme is more ad-heavy than the last one. I’ve debated this with myself for over a year, talked to numerous other bloggers and read what yet more bloggers have to say on the matter. What I’ve decided is that since I am easing out of online consulting side and back into real life (hopefully soon and hopefully in the USA), I shouldn’t feel bad about try to make a living from my primary website. My plan to make up for this is go back to writing here more frequently like I’ve done in the past, as well to hopefully add screencasts and soon start giving away free ebooks. In other words, to offer quality information in hopes that you, the reader, won’t mind the ads too much.

Topicwise, I’ve decided to broaden back to what I’ve had in the past, not just focus on visual media. So for the meantime, I’ll be covering blogging/ writing, freelancing, productivity, mind mapping, web tech, learning + knowledge, visual media, social media, link building, and other relevant topics. Because I’m a hardcore “generalist,” my intent is to cover several aspects about building a presence online and promoting yourself, as well as the means and methods of producing text and visual content and getting your work done.

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