Dee Barizo has an excellent article at Net Business Blog about Link Building, but it’s also filled with advice about networking with your up and coming blogging peers.

Dee emphasizes what I’ve been saying for a while: link building and web traffic take time to build. My feeling is that if you don’t have passion for the topic, it’ll show in your writing, and thus the traffic will never come. (Guilty, in the past, but I’m one of those weird “generalists” that can get passionate about many topics, serially.)

That’s also true if you don’t devote the time for consistent posting. Again, guilty, since I promised myself I’d post at least once per week here, but have slipped a few times. When I post, my RSS subscriptions go up significantly. When I don’t, well… they go down of course.

Towards the end of Dee’s article, he points out what I think is the most valuable advice in there: You’ll have a tough time getting noticed by the current A-C-list bloggers, so network with other up and coming bloggers like yourself. Some of you will someday move up the ranks. Best to build relationships now. This is what will lead you to pulling in a reasonable income on just a few hours work per week, like Yaro Starak.

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