Yeah, it’s true. This isn’t normally something I do (advertise my availability here), but where better? I am available for once. As I shift into doing more larger projects, including ebooks, books and screencasting, I have a few limited slots available for writing, blogging, screencasting, or podcasting.

Current topics that I write about include:

  1. Freelancing
  2. Blogging.
  3. New + visual media (podcasts and audio, web video, screencasts, maps).
  4. Creativity and creative problem solving.
  5. Mind mapping.
  6. Web applications.
  7. Film.
  8. Productivity.
  9. Learning techniques.
  10. Business, particularly bootstrapping and entrepreneuring.
  11. Website analytics.

My rates are pretty affordable, and I also write ebooks and books, and do screencasting. If you’re interested in hiring me, just drop off a comment here and make you use your email address when you fill out the comment form.

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