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One thing “experts” have been saying for at least a year is that video editing on mobile phones will be huge. Well, I don’t just enjoy being a contrarian, but when it comes to ridiculous claims against functionality, I enjoy contradicting even more. Beet TV says that both video editing and uploading via mobile phones will be big in 2008, if I understand the article correctly. (They are referring to other articles, so I’m not picking on them per se.)

Well I have a hard time believing this:

  1. No way anyone wants to do video editing via their mobile phone. Repeated claims of this “hot activity” make me wonder if they’ll try to claim that people will eagerly shoot nails into their foreheads as well. I don’t know who is really pushing this agenda, but without an input device such as a mouse or sketch tablet pen, video editing isn’t exactly an easy activity, except maybe for experienced video editors.
    Do you really want to do anything more than very simple “editing” on a tiny little screen, with no suitable input device? Even if you’re graced with an iPhone, I’m guessing it won’t be easy. (And do you really want to transfer all your finger oils all over your nice shiny iPhone by using it for more than basic Internet browsing and looking cool?)

  2. Yes, people will take more video clips with their cellphones cum video cameras. But while they might WANT easy upload to the Internet, not everyone has access to a reasonably priced cellular Internet connection plan. Sure that should change in the future, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be in 2008.

Seriously, wouldn’t you much rather work on a nice computer screen that’s not going to strain your eyes? And unless you fancy yourself a citizen journalist, is there any reason you absolutely have to upload your video from your cellphone, draining the batteries? You could purchase one of the new “wi-fi to go” types of modems that work on your carrier’s cellular network but don’t require a cellphone. All you need, once it’s activated, is an electrical outlet – which should be fairly readily available unless you’re in a vehicle or in a field somewhere.


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