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What does success mean to you? This is a question I ask myself fairly often. I’ve had a variety of successes in my life, but until now, no one to really share it with. I know how to get there, but until recently was lacking a special ingredient.

Getting Success

You probably already know that to get success you’ve got to really want success – unless of course you’re born to a wealthy family. I can attest to the truth of the desire for success. You also need a motivating factor of why you want success, what that success really means to you both emotionally and tangibly, a plan to get there, and to take action.

Keeping Success

But there’s something else you need, at least to hold onto success when you get it. With out it, you can climb the proverbial ladder of success, but you might just feel like you’re going around and around.

What is that magic ingredient for success? It’s the feeling that you actually truly deserve success. Without this feeling, it doesn’t matter how much you want success or even think you deserve it. It doesn’t matter if you actually achieve success because you’re either going to perpetually feel unsuccessful or maybe even lose the success y ou have. People can and do sabotage themselves. When you feel unworthy, unusual situations arise, and the success that you’ve achieved will evaporate through your hands.

Deserving Success

It’s hard to say how to develop a strong feeling that you deserve success. It’s much easier to see why people don’t feel they do. Everyone has their own reason. Some feel guilty that they have and others do not. That was usually my issue. But as many people have said, if you want to help those who “have not,” then you need to actually have money to make a difference. There are already many good people doing something but who don’t have the funds to continue. So success is a good thing.

Then there are those on the path to success who get swayed by the behavior of jealous colleagues, acquaintances or sometimes even friends or family members. You have to have a thick skin for this, because when you’re dealing with members of your social circle(s), you just don’t expect jealous behavior. Or instead of jealousy, someone might misunderstand your intentions.

These opinions from people you know can affect, make you subtly feel you don’t deserve success – even when you’ve started down your path strong and positive. Just remember your motivating factor for success and the greater good that your success will bring.

Plan for Success

My plan for success is partly buried in my 2009 business and career resolutions. The rest of the plan is private. The essential part is that I plan to share a lot of more of knowledge and skills – in the form of free and paid articles/ blog posts, podcasts, screencasts, ebooks online, as well as paid consulting/ contracting offline. The beauty of working online is that I can share whatever knowledge I feel like and those of you who are interested can find the shared information.

So what are your plans for success? How have you set about achieving success? Do you know what this success means to you? Have you defined it concretely?

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