For those of you wondering exactly what this site is about, I’ve updated my About page. It now lists very concretely most of the topics that will be discussed here including blogging, research, building a web presence, keywords and trending, understanding website/ weblog statistics, productivity and time management, and brainstorming and problem solving. With these discussions will be a healthy dose of tips and techniques, how-to tutorial videos (screencasts), and reviews of some of the software tools you will need to work online. Short version: Nearly everything I’ve been writing about at a multitude of other blogs will now be written about here, in a hopefully convenient package.

Who Are You?

This site is not aimed just at those who want to earn a part-time or full-time living as a blogger, but will also cover alternatives for various legitimate online careers. If you have a skill that’s salable online, then how do you promote yourself so that you can earn a living online? That’s the sort of thing I’ll discuss here.

Who Am I?

Now, be forewarned that I come from a very technical background and as such, I cannot go by without occasionally discussing technical matters. If you want to succeed online, you will eventually need to learn a few technical skills. But I’m going to make it as easy as possible by producing “screencasts” – how-to video tutorials of software actually being used, along with voice narration explaining each step. You can see what I’ve done at Tubetorial to get an idea of what you’ll see here. Now that I am focusing on far fewer outside blogs, I’m hoping to scale up to a point where you’ll see at least one new screencast video tutorial here every week.

Get to the Point

So I’m turning this site into a “how-to become an Internet UltraGeek” course. Take what you want out of what I present, whether you want to focus on technical or non-technical discussions. Feel free to participate in the discussion, or offer criticism – hopefully of the constructive sort. This site will hopefully not be a clone of popular “how to blog sites” because I feel I’m plugging topical gaps and presenting information unlike anyone else. Only time will tell if I live up to this or not. Oh yeah, and there will of course be the occasional navel-gazing, which you can of course skip over.

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