Just in the past week I came across a few articles variously stating that the average user has about 100-120 Facebook friends. That makes me above average then, though I actually know many thousands of people. They just don’t happen to be on Facebook, or their name is a bit too common to figure out which of several people they might be. But knowing at least 5 people who have over 1,000 FB friends each, it got me to wondering, “are they really all your friends?”. Are they friends, acquaintances, something else?

A little bit of contemplation made me realize that there are actually several different types of Facebook friends. Here are a few of the types I have:

  1. Friends and acquaintances from real life.
  2. People I’ve worked with online or by phone.
  3. People I’ve communicated with by phone or email.
  4. People I’ve been recommended to and will likely meet soon.
  5. Real-life friends of real-life friends.
  6. People who are my “friends” or “fans/ followers” on other social networks.

Maybe I’m splitting hairs with some of these types, but at least in my small Facebook network, I’ve covered all the categories of friends. How is your Facebook network doing, and what categories do your friends fall into?

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