For two years now, I’ve been openly blogging all over the place on my sites and that of others. Then there is all the ghost blogging I do for pay. While I originally started blogging in Mar 2002, I had to stop (for reasons I’ll explain in the future, when it’s relevant to the discussion at hand). But in the past 8 months or so, my paid work has increased and everything I’ve been learning is finally being applied to my own sites. And I’m starting to have some success.

So on this site, I’m out to show you that you don’t have to be a shaven-headed bespectacled Australian blogger to succeed online. Just kidding. The Internet is the great leveller, as I’m fond of saying, and anyone who is motivated and puts in the effort can succeed online in a variety of ways.

I should point out that if you are of the “blogs shouldn’t make money” breed, I respect your opinion but you’re in the wrong place. As a former computer/web programmer and technical writer, I’m applying my decades of skills to earn a living online – something I’m unable to do anymore in a “real world” job because of health and other reasons. So you are not going to convince me that I’m doing something wrong. Many thousands/ millions of people make a living online. I do it as a writer and publisher. I’ve been a print publisher, and it’s very hard and expensive to even break even, let alone make a profit. Not so with the Internet.

On the other hand, if you thought you couldn’t or shouldn’t make money with blogs or other online means but now feel differently, I encourage you to come back, as I really will discuss here everything I know about earning a living online. All I ask in return is that you participate through the comments, whether you agree or disagree – but always saying why.

This site is about sharing the knowledge necessary to succeed online, as John Chow has specified an (aspiring) dot com mogul should do. While I will discuss different ways to earn online, the primary focus here will be to disseminate any knowledge relevant to being a successful domainer, publisher, and/or blogger. And as Ahmed Bilal said somewhere in the comments over at Performancing, blogging is more than just writing online. There’s writing, promotion, carrying on an online conversation, analytics, link building, publishing (finding funds), editing, research, and much more.

To accomplish all that takes a lot of motivation and learning to get things done (GTD) and being productive. As such, some of the topics you’ll see here are as follow, in no particular order:

  1. Writing.
  2. Research and learning.
  3. Link building.
  4. RSS/atom web feeds.
  5. Keyword studies and trending.
  6. Visitor analysis (pageviews, geocoding).
  7. Revenue
  8. GTD – Get Things Done
  9. Productivity
  10. How to manage your time
  11. Mindmapping
  12. [list to change without notice]

As mentioned previously, I’ve been seriously blogging for about two years and earning at least part-time revenue for about 8 months. If you’ve been at it longer than I, then you likely know more than I do. But maybe you’ll join in on the conversation anyway, as that’s what this site is about: sharing knowledge for Internet success.

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