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By now, you’ve probably heard of Twitter. If you haven’t, I recommend picking up the free Twitter ebook from Geekpreneur, which I described here in a screencast earlier this year. If you have, then you know that Twitter is a communication tool used mostly as a broadcasting medium. Most people seem to either be using it to “tweet” little tidbits about their life and work day, or to announce/ share articles or events or products and services relevant to them and their “followers”.

For the most part, Twitter is not being used as a conversational medium. For social media conversations, I believe Plurk is a better choice. In fact, Twitter just does not seem cut out as a conversation channel except between members who already know each other well. My own experience is that maybe 95% of the tweet queries I send “strangers” do not get replied to. And that’s even when they have asked “strangers” to get in touch with them, or someone else has.

So the truth is, I have yet to find a valuable use for Twitter myself, but that does not mean I won’t or you won’t, eventually. If you want to follow me on either Twitter, I am “talespinner“. On Plurk, I’m much more informal, so I generally don’t give my username out, but it’s not hard to find me.

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