Paperback writer, journalist, novelist, author, blogger, copywriter, student researcher – whatever type of writer you are, you should be able to find something of value at OEDB’s 150 Resources to Help You Write Better… This massive list includes writer’s online resources in several categories:

  1. Almanacs,
  2. Business and Legal Matters,
  3. Citation Styles, Dictionaries,
  4. English Language Skills,
  5. Genres, News Digests,
  6. News Media Resources,
  7. Organization,
  8. Professional Organizations,
  9. Rhetoric,
  10. Toolboxes,
  11. Writing Services,
  12. Writing Skills, and
  13. Writing Software.

There are a lot of sites on this list that I use happily everyday, and of course loads that I’ve never heard of. With this many items, I’m assuming that if there’s a writing resource you need, it’s likely on this list.

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