If you find that blogging is too much of an investment in time and commitment, something you may want to consider is domaining. It’s a venture I’ve started into recently, and plan to bootstrap my way into a large portfolio as I’m able.

In a way, it’s sort of like trading stocks or investing in real estate. Not everyone can make money from it because it does require some speculation and research, but if you’re tired of blogging or want some way to supplement your online income without a great deal of time, give domaining some consideration.

For me, domaining is interesting because I have a love of language, semantics, word origins, etc. I’ve been doing my own keyword research for the last few years and building a “web corpus” – a list of unique words found online, which might be as large as a half million words or more.

Domaining uses more than one strategy to make money, including parking (CPC ad click traffic), redirecting domain traffic to an existing monetized website, flipping more expensive domains, or buying hundreds or thousands of domains in bulk and turning them over for a small profit per domain.

For example, if you own a thousand domains and each one is parked and earning, say, $0.10/day on average, that’s $100/day or about $3000/mth. That’s not bad if you automate the renewals and park free, considering how little domains cost per year these days. If you use a bulk domain reseller account to purchase, you might pay about $7/domain (all new). So your costs are $7,000/yr but you’re grossing $36,000 per year.

Obviously, under this strategy, you don’t want to buy all the domains at once, as that’s an incredible commitment financially. I plan to spend the next 2-4 years bootstrapping my domaining revenue into an ever-growing portfolio. I’ll report back on my findings and any techniques I learn. If you are interested in domaining, Aviva Directory has an article that describes some domaining techniques for newbies, what tools to use, and how to go about financing your domain investments.

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