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Paul at Mind Map Inspiration put forth the bold notion that mind mapping holds the key to solving many of the world’s problems. Well I have to agree wholeheartedly. Complex problems are not easy to solve in our minds. Mind mapping allows us to take two points of view of a problem: high-level (bird’s eye) and low-level (detailed).

I’ve been using mind mapping for a very long time, and used it successfully for many uses in my career and personal life. Since adding the use of mind mapping software to my paper maps, it’s been much easier for me to solve more complex problems than on just paper. (In fact, I’m working on an ebook or two about complex problem solving.)

In fact, mind mapping is now part of my daily work routine. As someone who works online (i.e., a web worker and aspiring Digital Nomad), it’s very very easy for me to surf websites and get sidetracked from work. Using a “personal dashboard” mind map helps keep me on track. Using audible timers per task helps remind me that I’ve alloted only so much time to a project.

Mind maps are not just for solving complex math or technical problems. I’ve figured out career paths, solved personal problems between myself and another person and much more. Mind maps are merely a tool, but because of the visual approach, it’s far easier to get a whole picture about something, then narrow down to details when necessary.

If you’re looking to get started with mind mapping, there are a lot of resources available. Don’t forget to check back here as I’m hoping to post more about problem solving with mind maps, as it applies to web working, freelancing, learning, creativity and productivity.

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